Welcome to another Quality HTBWMedia Online Property. HTBWMedia is a purveyor of New Media catering to both niche and business markets. Our recent emphasis on niche online communities has garnered us a growing inventory of diverse target market social networking communities, with an emphasis on quality.


With this recent move towards developing online communities, we feel it is important to focus on the needs of the community over simple dollars and cents. At the end of the day, this member focused will create a dedicated and closely knit community and with any luck, bring the citizens of this planet, we call Earth, closer together.


In addition to several hundred content rich keyword specific blogs, HTBWMedia owns several topical websites including social networking and dating sites; Freemason Only Web Forum; Home Improvements; Consumer Reports and Product Reviews; Business Development Information; Scrapbooking; Lesbian Dating and more to come.


In addition to providing accurate timeless information for a very specific target audience, HTBWMedia properties provide an avenue for promotion of client products and services via Banner ads as well as strategic keyword / link building.


Since the focus of HTBWMedia online properties is accurate information, you can be assured the links placed on our sites will be valued by search engines as legitimate. Combine this with the HTBWMedia organic approach to Search Engine Optimization of client websites and the value of HTBWMedia over other SEO providers and off shore spam link builders is clear. Unlike with our "Competition" HTBWMedia will not send your website to the Search Engine Black List Jungle.

HTBWMedia - Search Engine Optimization, Website Promotion, URL Legitimization and Website Design company based out of Vancouver British Columbia